Hello Friends. You may have noticed Lent 2020 is different than other years. I'm not going to rehash what we already know, but it would be callous to fail to recognized that many of us are going through hell right now. If you are able to continue on with the Lenten Plastics practice, by all means do so. It is a noble cause.

What we propose is that we shift our focus, until we can return our full attentions to plastics. Instead of focusing on what is out of our control; that the cleaners and hand sanitizers we need right now always come in plastic. We can identify where we have choices and exercise them. We can control some of the foods we purchase. We can chose social distancing, we can keep calm and refraining from hoarding supplies. And if you are able, you can even go a step further by donating to a food bank or fostering an animal from a shelter.

We are here for you and by taking care of ourselves and others we will be strong enough to help the planet once the crisis is over.

Much Love,

Cat & Marie

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