Let's talk Easter Baskets

Hello my Peeps,

I personally have a big soft spot for Easter Baskets. Every year my Mom would craftily put together an assortment of Jelly Bean filled eggs, Peeps, perhaps a Chocolate Bunny with the occasional stuff toy all nestled in a bed of fake plastic grass. The baskets would appear Easter morning before church and after my family would gather for an egg hunt using real eggs we had dyed a few days before. (We would occasionally miss one and Dad would find it with his lawn mower a couple months later.)

This is a guide to no-plastic Easter Baskets. If you already have a collection of plastic Easter eggs and grass by all means use them, but otherwise here is a diy/buying guide to help with Easter fun.



If you don't have time to make one, there are a few options.


  • Target Cute Chicken Wire Basket for $5

  • World Market Apple Basket 2 for ~$7 and Wire Basket ~$6

  • Amazon has many options such as burlap, wicker and colorful tin buckets. (Sadly, felt is usually acrylic or some other plastic fabric.)

  • Also you could hop over to the nearest garage sale or thrift store and buy a gently used basket.

But what about the grass?

Sure you can buy 100% recycled paper grass but all of it comes in plastic packaging. Oh the irony. You could cut it from tissue paper... that comes in plastic packaging. You could shred colorful junk mail, but it's not the same. Some enterprising folks grow their own grass but is a little much to ask for many busy parents. We don't have a perfect solution at this time and are open to suggestions.


This year I'm forgoing my beloved Mini Cadburys in protest of their packaging, but there are many options for sweet without the plastic.



  • Trader Joes carries Jellybeans in a box

  • You can buy bulk Jelly Beans, Jordan Almonds and other candy at Sprouts and other bulk food stores. Just remember to bring your own bag

  • Reese has Peanut Butter Eggs in a box which you can buy at most drug stores and Walmart

  • Ye old Cadbury Cream egg if you buy it loose.

  • Foil wrapped Lindt Chocolate eggs, Bunnies and Lambs at World Market

  • Think outside of the candy wrapper Krispy Kreme and Dunkin have super cute Easter Donuts


There seem to be two options for fillable eggs, besides buying second hand plastic eggs...

However both of these options would need to be painted if you want anything other than brown.

Purchase & DIY:

  • Paper from Amazon, but they are sold out on Oriental Trading

  • Wood from Amazon or Etsy, both are expensive

Of course you can simple use real eggs for the hunt. The small amount of plastic in the Paas dye kits is better than a dozen plastic eggs. Although another option would be to use homemade plant dyes instructions available here and here, but it is time consuming.

Fheew. I hope this has been helpful. Don't feel like you have to do everything at once. Maybe paint one wooden Easter egg a year until you have a set. Or focus on one family activity making cookies or hunting eggs. Good luck Easter Bunnies!

Addition Reading:

Martha Stewart has gotten in the Eco Easter Basket too.

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