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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

You can set things in motion

I confess that personally I hate rocking the boat. I'm one of those people that wrings their hands about sending food at restaurants back even if its inedible, however somethings are so important I have to act.

Below are some sample messages or phone calls I've made to companies about plastics. If we the consumers say nothing they will have not reason to change. So talk to the companies that you love and ask them to do better. It's not hard. Go to their website and look for "contact us" or "leave feedback", it might be hidden on the help page but you can find it. Be polite but firm. Offer concrete reasons why plastic makes it hard to buy certain products. You probably won't change them right away. But you need to ask the question, why are you using plastic? The more people ask, the more likely the are to change.

"Hello Trader Joes,

You are hands down my favorite grocery store, but I have a small problem with you. I'm trying to drastically reduce the amount of plastic in my life. A couple years back you switched your Instant Oatmeal from paper packets to plastic. Why was this done? I can't in good conscience buy this product even though I eat instant oatmeal everyday. I urge you to return to the original package design.

All best,

Cat Wilson"

This one is a follow up.

"Hello again Meundies,

I'm just checking back to see if you still use plastic bags for your mailers. I love your underwear and especially that it's sustainably sourced from Lenzing MicroModal, made from Beachwood trees. If you sending in plastic doesn't that defeat the purpose? Other companies such as Everlane use cardboard mailers. Why doesn't Meundies?

All best,


Here is one I'm going to try to call in. Ribcrib is a delicious chain of BBQ that is head quartered in my hometown. I will even try to set up a meeting with them if I can. If not here is a message I will leave as soon as I find out which number to call.

"Hello, my name is Catherine Wilson. I and my family are devoted customers of RibCrib. My parents are in their 70's and so don't always have the energy to cook, which means we pick up and eat Ribcrib about twice a month. However, I'm shocked that in 2019 that Ribcrib is still using Styrofoam containers for it's take out. I really appreciate that you use aluminum on the larger orders but if we order salads it is always in Stryofoam. Why is that? I would be willing to pay a bit more for each order if I could do it in good conscience

Thank you for your hard work! Bye."

Good Luck!

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