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How to Participate

Realistic Commitment

Lent is a season of fasting and reflection making it a perfect time to reduce plastics. However, being a good steward to the Earth is not easy or convenient especially in our single-use, disposable, planned obsolescence society. We acknowledge that this practice is more difficult for many of us. Below are tiers or levels of difficulty for those participating in Lenten Plastics.


Whether this is your first time attempting to give up plastics or you are simply too busy, this would be a good level for you because its focus is reflection and mindfulness. You can follow our daily devotionals or just read the devotional of the week on Sunday. Another great way to participate at this level would be to save all the plastic from the 40 plus days during Lent. After Easter pull out the plastic and really look at it. If you are a social media type snap a photo and post to Instagram with the hashtag #lentenplastics.


Join our mailing list and follow the daily devotional for Lenten Plastics. These devotionals will be small acts or readings to do through out Lent. Also, pick one or a few plastic items that you will no longer buy or accept during Lent such as: straws, plastic forks, plastic groceries bags, styrofoam take out containers or all of them.


Attempt to live plastic free during Lent as well as follow the daily devotional. When we say hard, read "impossible at this time". The purpose is to really understand the extent, level, and prevalence of plastic. So during Lent, you will attempted to not buy or accept new plastics during the 40 plus days. We are focusing on reducing new plastics, while we recommend recycling old plastics during Lent. We encouraged to make use of the plastic items you already own such as combs, plastic containers, etc.


Not counting medical needs, many plastics we buy are part indulgent, part convenience. You pick up coffee from a coffee shop, you get take out, In the Medieval Catholic church an Indulgence was a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins. Although this caused problems with those that were rich enough could afford to sin freely, our interest is in using the term for ways to manage our plastic consumption. In many cases you will be force to buy plastic, even fresh fruit has plastic labels, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Here are couple options to manage the plastic that creeps into our lives.

First there is the old Swear Jar, if you buy plastic put a dollar in a designated jar and at Easter donate the money to plastic clean up organizations such as the oceanconservancy.org. Second, for every plastic you buy you have to recycle a plastic you find. Go to your local or state park and you will surely find plastic bottles on the sides of trails.

LentenPlastics.com organizers Cat and Marie will be right there with you.

Cat, as a freelancer with a flexible schedule, will attempt to go plastic "free" for Lent. She has cats and so will still have to buy cat food and the like. Any plastic Cat acquires will be hoarded until Easter, at which time she will count or weight it -maybe both- and figure out how much plastic Cat will need to pick from my local streets and parks.

Lent is coming fast. So until then, Courage.