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Lenten Plastics

Environmental Stewardship Community 

During the 40 plus days of Lent, we aim to raise awareness of the effects of plastic in the environment and in our lives. Join us at #LentenPlastics for fasting, daily devotionals, mindfulness, challenges and more.

It's never too late to join.  Below you can become a member and receive updates on our blog. Daily Devotionals are available on Instagram and Twitter at @lentenplastics and on Facebook in the Lenten Plastics Group.

Daily Devotional

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One Thing at a Time

by Guest Writer Ainsely Herrick The month before Ash Wednesday, my timeline was suddenly filled with posts encouraging people to give up...

Dear Sir or Madam

I confess that personally I hate rocking the boat. I'm one of those people that wrings their hands about sending food at restaurants back...


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