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4.21.19 Sabbath Easter Sunday 

"Perhaps the preacher would want to reflect on the idea of something being "too good to be true." 

We tend to live with Murphy's law tattooed on our brains: "If it is possible for something to go wrong, it probably will."  We become too easily conditioned that things are always going to get worse. ...For many, hope is the cruelest of emotions; so they dare not let down their guard and believe, for the pain that follows such vulnerability is too much.  The preacher must honestly address this doubt born of fear, or the news of resurrection will not be received as good news of hope."

  - Roger A. Paynter, Feasting on the Gospels,     Luke 24: 13-49.  

What connection might there be to the current condition of the planet and the Christian declaration, "Christ is Risen", rejoined by "He is Risen indeed?"  If indeed hope is cruel, and we easily fall into the belief that nothing ever really changes and all our efforts are meaningless, then the resurrection offers simply this: that our efforts are not alone.  Efforts to heal the world, restore balance, and defeat the powers of sin and death are met not only by flimsy, paltry little humans, but by the creator of the Universe itself, a power that aims to undo death, destruction and chaos.  We are not alone in the effort to undo damage to the earth and each other.   There is hope beyond our own work, from hands far more powerful than our own.